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Holly Nastasi, MEd

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I loved to move from an early age. I spent hours enthralled with records and never missed a chance to get up and dance. That love led me to the formal study of dance at UT Austin when I was 18. An intense exposure to Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance during that time taught me the art of movement. After two years, my life took a turn as I focused my attention on building a family. However, it wasn’t long before I was dancing again, this time as an aerobics instructor teaching  Jane Fonda-style aerobics.

My fitness career started in 1982 in Austin, TX. I succeeded and pursued my credentials in the field, ultimately earning a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Health Education from UT Austin. My studies included anatomy, biology, biomechanics, human physiology, as well as human behavior and the concept of wellness. I was introduced to Nia® in 1993 at a Health Promotion Conference I attended as part of my studies. Deborah Kern, now Nia Black Belt, was presenting on “The Motion in Emotion”.  Just returned from her White Belt, Deborah was beaming with eagerness to share about Nia. Her talk changed my life forever.

Shortly after, I was in my own NIa White Belt training with Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, beginning my transformation. My early passion for dance and my dedication to exercise had been met with Nia. I began teaching Nia classes two weeks after my White Belt and have never looked back. More than twenty years on, I am committed to sharing Nia with the same eagerness I heard from Deborah at that conference years ago.

Since 1993 I have loved sharing the pleasure of Nia with students and I recognize the value of my role as guide in their experience. The principles of Nia, through all the Belts, guide me on my path as a teacher and in life. I’ve taught thousands of Nia classes and love it more each time. This love has led me to open numerous studios, including NiaSpace in Austin, as well as ZiaNia, Studio Mateo, and StudioNia Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I developed a Nia community in Lincoln, Nebraska, which includes a team of 6 teachers and 13 classes per week.  Currently I am living in College Station where I am seeking opportunities to share the Nia program.  You can also find me teaching live on Zoom to the global community!

As a member of the Nia Choreography team I have developed three Nia routines: Reach; Bring It; and GO. These bodies of work are available  Nia teachers to learn and share with their communities. The routines are also available to the public on www.niaTV.com. The music of Nia is incredibly rich. It motivates my choreography with endless creativity.

As part of the Nia Technique faculty I also deliver the Nia White Belt Training, The Art of Sensation.  This is a 16 week online NIa course that prepares you to live a life full of pleasure and awareness, and to use Nia movement for healing and self-improvement.  The White Belt is also the first step for anyone who may want to become a teacher.


I feel blessed to have the work of Nia in my life. Nia has shaped  me with purpose by providing tools to live into my greatness. I’m especially honored to be part of the Nia Training Faculty and to be able to count as my colleagues and friends so many talented people. We touch the world in a special way!

"Holly Nastasi is not only an accomplished Nia instructor but an excellent educator, leader, friend, and encourager. Her commitment to excellence is second to none. She is a true professional that cares for each of her students. "  Kelly H.

"Holly carries the credentials of a professional and conducts business in that way.  She is easy to work with and shows a genuine interest in her students’ fitness and well-being.  I highly recommend you add Holly Nastasi to your team of instructors.  She will generate enthusiasm in your clientele and attract new members through the Nia program". Luke S.