Copy of Nia Classes with Holly Nastasi M

Online Nia Classes with Holly

M/W/F 9 am CT
T 10am CT - StudioNia Santa Fe

Sat 8:30am CT - StudioNia Santa Fe, starting August 7, 2021

Holly is now using PunchPass for her class registrations.  Register for class and pay below. For the StudioNia Santa Fe classes register at


Stepping into a Nia class with Holly is a joy. Her voice, timing, and language immediately bring me into my body and my experience. I feel full, alive, sexy, and awake when I'm in her class. A master at her craft, Holly personifies "coming home to self."  Georgia Lister

In the world of many Nia instructors, Holly holds a valuable space as a solid mentor, grounded in clarity, simplicity and truth-telling. Her grasp of the science of The Body's Way and her ability to translate it through her own body movement and verbal communication to students of any fitness level is a home base that allows anybody to have an experience of the Joy of Movement and to desire more.  Edie Gonzales

"Regardless of the age or physical or mental condition of your clientele, Holly can fashion a class that will provide them with a rich exercise experience centered around Nia’s first principle, joy of movement. Not only does she have years of training and practice in Nia, she has other knowledge and skills that she brings to bear on classes.  She sometimes offers short anatomy lessons to help us understand how our bodies are designed to move or to enable us to have a new focus for the class.  Her love of Nia and belief in its benefits are always evident."  Mary S.

Clip from Zoom Class