Nia Workshops

Dancing the Realms

Dancing the Realms is a FreeDance exploration connecting to the realms through music and self-directed movement, guided by Holly.  This two hour workshp is perfect for anyone curious about the holistic approach to Nia and movement.  

Call Holly to schedule.

Mindfulness While Exercising

Mindfulness adds a therapeutic effect to exercise by focusing attention on body sensation and being in the moment.  Go on a journey of being mindful with movement that applies to any form of exercise.  This workshop can be as short at one hour of longer.  

Call Holly to schedule.

Dancing Bones

Knowing what lies beneath our skin helps us understand movement,  no matter what activity we choose.  This fundamental education is extremely valuable to our self healing and conditioning.  Enjoy Holly's inspiring point of view as you learn about your body's function and potential.  This workshop is best with three hours or more.  Introductory sessions can also included with this topic.  

Call Holly to schedule.