Expanding Nia

I've had many wonderful opportunities to expand Nia into Lincoln these last few weeks. It began with taking on a class at the new Firethorn Resort back in August. A new venue means new people, and I love introducing new people to Nia. Although classes are small, there is an enthusiasm that's growing. I then added two Nia Moving to Heal classes at an independent living complex called Van Dorn Villa. We have a small, but mighty, core there as well. It's so fun to dance with them.

Last week I had the amazing pleasure to teach a class to the students at Nebraska Wesleyan University. It's a departure for me to have students in my class under 40. This was a room full of 20 year-olds! They were open and eager, and caught on immediately. I really am in awe of the body connection they demonstrated. I guess the trick is to keep it going throughout life.

I also had the a wonderful experience leading a group of women as a holiday celebration for a dear friend of mine, Kami Ebers. She invited friends, colleagues, and family to dance with her. It was touching how willing everyone was to engage in the celebration. It was a magical experience of being present in community for everyone.

Nia is a language that we all need to learn. Nia connects us. Nia invites us to move for health, move for community, move for pleasure, move for joy! Spread the cheer!!!

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