Nia White Belt Training

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ANNOUNCING:  ONLINE White Belt Nia Training Intensive


You're invited to join Nia Faculty Trainer Holly Nastasi for a 16 week Nia White Belt Training Intensive ONLINE!  This fully online, interactive course will allow you to stay in the safety, convenience and privacy of your home, while receiving the life-changing somatic lessons of the Nia White Belt Training.


The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of Nia Body & Life Education and will take you on a journey through the "The Art of Sensation." Over 16 weeks, you will learn to experience greater pleasure in your body and life, how to use conscious movement for health and well-being, and ultimately, how to live life with greater joy and deep love and respect of your body. Should you desire to teach Nia, you will also learn the tools and skills that will prepare you to share Nia with the world as a teacher.



  • This 16-week training will run January 5 to April 20th, 2021. viia ZOOM each week.

  • Sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 12:00pm to 2:00pm CT.  Recordings will be made of each session and be available later viewing.  Attendance at all meetings is highly recommended.

  • Each week you will receive additional homework and activities to deepen your understanding of the concepts and principles presented that you will complete between sessions. (It would be good to give them a time estimate of how long this homework will take)

  • Investment:  $1599 ($799.50 payable upon registration to Nia, $799.50 payable to Holly Nastasi)

  • The cost to retake the Nia White Belt Training is $99 payable to Nia Technique Inc, and $400 paid to Holly Nastasi. Contact Holly for registration instructions.

  • Upon registration, you will receive your ZOOM access and login information along with a detailed schedule.



"Holly Nastasi is not only an accomplished Nia instructor but an excellent educator, leader, friend, and encourager. Her commitment to excellence is second to none. She is a true professional that cares for each of her students."  ~Kelly H.


"Holly's teaching technique is beautifully balanced. She begins with simplicity and ends by guiding us subtly to complexity before we realize it. Her technical skill is unmatched yet her approach is easy to follow. She welcomes us warmly into her class and makes it possible for us to soar with energy or to melt into peace. Her years of teaching, training, coaching, and choreographing bear fruit in the pristine clarity of her instruction and seemingly endless variety of her playlists, classes, and moods. Holly enables me to take Nia principles and my dance out of the Zoom room and into everyday life. What's more, she's a powerful white belt trainer as well." Gerise Herndon

What an excellent teacher! Truly one of the best. I always learn something new when I take a class from Holly, and I'm always inspired to become a better teaching after witnessing her teach. Holly makes sure everyone feels welcome, and she structures class so everyone can follow. Her knowledge of the body in motion is matched by her joy in moving. Class with Holly is deeply nourishing."  Beth O'Neall


Step in to an at-home experience of The Art of Sensation, the Nia White Belt training.  Please contact Holly if you have any questions! 505 699 0659

The Nia White Belt training is for you if you want to deepen your experience of life, discover your creative dancer inside, get to know a new movement technique, or just have a personal moving experience.   This experiential training is sure to enliven your life!


Cost: $1599

To register:

Beginning January. 5th, Tuesday, 12-2pm CT
Ends April 20th.