Nia Teacher Mentoring


One of Holly's passions is developing Nia teachers. She began mentoring in 1997 when she became a Nia Trainer.  She has coached hundreds of teachers since then.  Holly brings her communication skills, combined with her education and experience, to each session.  She can assist with deepening your knowledge of Nia, improving teaching skills, sharpening your technique, studio and class planning  as well as personal development through Nia.  Mentoring sessions can be scheduled in person or via media.  Let Holly's passion for Nia be the inspiration to fuel your Nia development!  Schedule a Movement Analysis with Holly and learn about your habits and tendencies that may inhibit your movement skill development and your self-healing.

Holly's mentoring sessions are offered on a sliding scale from $25 - $100.  Sessions are usually 30-60 minutes.  A Movement Analysis with Holly is a sliding scale of $40 - $100. Payment can be made via check, credit card, PayPal or Venmo.


Call Holly at 505 699 0659 or email at to schedule your first mentoring session.

"Holly is passionate about Nia, helping new Nia teachers and generously shares her knowledge, experience, talent and genuine care."  Sarah D.

"She asked me about my Nia classes and gave me so many helpful tips for my teachings. We spoke for over an hour and it was filled with so much positive energy!"  Iman G. F.

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